SNTM Cycle 2!

Contestant Age Hometown Creator Finish Place
Anya Red 15 Dallas, TX Michelle Andrlová
Bojana Stanković 21 Versailles, FR Asp Sims
Dani Carlo 15 Kingston, JM WestCoastSims
Darryl Kawaguchi 19 New York, NY BechelageChannel
Elizaveta Lukyanova 19 Manhattan, NY Wilhelmina Sims
Gordon Price 20 Santa Monica, CA FASHIONSIMS999
Hadria Rosseau 16 Toulouse, FR nesiocesse78
Hallie Turner 17 Liverpool, UK MegaGabisia
Hannah Vicel 19 Orlando, FL Alex Grimm
Hunter O'Connor 17 Savannah, GA FASHIONSIMS999
Kendall Jones 19 Richmond, VA T2daCooks
Monica Bobowski 22 Moscow, RU VictoriaHannah97
Reina Skier 18 New York, NY S I M L A N A
Violet Dimisy 21 Seattle, WA simseriesmaker
Yemguhzanek Marshall 17 Baton Rouge, LA Blake Summers

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