Sims' [2] Next Top Model started on March 19, 2015 when castings were opened for the first season. Sims Next Top Model is a show where 11-14 models are in the running towards becoming the winner of the show, to kickstart a successful modeling career. Each week the models have a challenge, and at the end of the week, they head to a panel where they're judged on weekly shoots, challenge performances, style, and more, and one model is sent home. Occasionally, two or no models leave.

The first season is currently running, as a total of four episodes have been completed in the cycle. Applications for a second cycle have been closed, and the final cast has been selected.


The show consists of 11-14 girls picked from a batch of applied models, after the applications are held and closed. The girls then face weekly shoots, challenges and judging panels. The girls live in a house altogether, for 8-11 weeks. Each week, after all weekly tasks are completed, at the end a panel is held where the remaining girls go to receive critique on their photos. At the end of the judging ceremony, a call-out order is shown, where the girls are called in order of their weekly performance. At the end, two models stand in the bottom, or three occasionally, and one is sent home, sometimes two or none depending on the decision of the judges. This happens until a winner is decided in the finale.

Judges Edit

Judges of SNTM
Judge Cycle
1 2
Host/Head Judge
Georgia Glass Main
Zema Esche Main

Cycles Edit

Cycle Premiere Date Winner Runner-up(s) Other contestants (in order of elimination) No. contestants International Destination
1 April 24, 2016 Esme Pruitt Alysha Rossouw & Samantha Himura Momoko Katsuki, Adrianna Washington (withdrew), Jackie O'Connel, Kai Ji-hwa, Samara Belogalazov, Alice Marquast, Lica Nguyen, Maryam Lopez-Beck 11 Stockholm, Sweden
2 2016/2017 TBA TBA Anya Red, Bojana Stanković, Dani Carlo, Darryl Kawaguchi, Elizaveta Lukyanova, Gordon Price, Hadria Rosseau, Hallie Turner, Hannah Vicel, Hunter O'Connor, Kendall Jones, Monica Babowski, Reina Skier, Violet Dimisy, Yemguhzanek Marshall 15 TBA