• A modeling contract with Reboot Models
  • A cover and six-page spread in Vogue
  • A cover on Seventeen Magazine
  • $100,000 contract with Maybelline New York

Episode Summaries Edit


Episode 1 Edit

The models attended their first panel, where their paint splatter beauty shots were evaluated. Many girls received praise, notably Lica and Samantha. In the end, Lica earned first call-out for her breathtaking photograph, while Ji-hwa and Momoko found themselves in the bottom two. At first, they were tricked that both would be leaving, but Tyra revealed that both would stay to receive makeovers.

  • First call-out: Lica Nguyen
  • Bottom two: Kai Ji-hwa & Momoko Katsuki
  • Eliminated: None

Episode 2 Edit

Immediately, the girls headed to get makeovers. The girls all got new looks. They were administered by Zema, the manager of Reboot Models, and got introduced to her. Some liked theirs more than others. However, Alysha, Momoko and Samara each were unreceptive to their new looks, and they each had a unique meltdown. After all the models got new looks, Zema and Tyra revealed that their reactions were a challenge, and that there'd be a loser who lost frames and a winner who gained frames. Esme was chosen as the challenge winner for embracing her change, while Samara ended up being the challenge loser for being rude.

At panel, the girls were judged based on night couture shots. Esme and Maryam caught the judges' eyes in a positive manner, while Adrianna, Alice, Jackie and Momoko disappointed the panel. Alice fell at panel, causing a reaction from Jackie, laughing at Alice. Alice then proceeded to call Jackie out and got in trouble for her bad attitude. In a shocking twist, Esme and Maryam both shared first call-out, while Lica and Ji-hwa followed behind respectively. Alice and Momoko landed in the bottom two; Alice for her dreadful shot and attitude, and Momoko for not putting any effort into the shoot for a second time. In the end, Alice was saved due to the judges seeing more potential, and Momoko was sent home.

  • Challenge Winner: Esme Pruitt
  • First call-out: Esme Pruitt & Maryam Lopez-Beck
  • Bottom two: Alice Marquast & Momoko Katsuki
  • Eliminated: Momoko Katsuki

Episode 3 Edit

Another panel commenced, as the Top 9 stood in front of Tyra and Zema once again. The models would be judged on their third photoshoot; a shoot for Levi's jeans, but their ads had a twist - they posed topless in the ad, to add more pressure to the girls while also doing a campaign for a high-end brand. While the girls were deliberated, some managed to pull through and show their potential - this was the week of improvements, as the dark horses pulled through to become front-runners, including Alice, Alysha and Samara.

However, others failed to impress. Samantha was criticized for fading since Week 1, Jackie's mediocre performance was challenged and Ji-hwa's photo was not liked amongst Tyra and Zema. When Maryam came up for deliberations and the judges commented that she was keeping up and had a great photo but her face was their main concern, she acted out in disagreement, and fought with the judges about their critiques on her photo and body of work. The judges were absolutely disappointed with Maryam's behavior, despite a great photograph.

After a long deliberation, the Top 9 were called back. Tyra announced that the best photo winner would have their photo as a national Levi's ad. In the end, Alysha's improvement and photo wowed the judges, and she received first call-out and a national Levi's ad. Samara and Alice followed behind respectively. As the spots filled up, Maryam was called during the bottom three. She was warned that she'd have to fix her attitude, since her photos were good but a Top Model can't be one with a bad attitude. This left Jackie and Ji-hwa to face the bottom two. Jackie's consistently mediocre performance caught the judges' eyes in a bad way, and was criticized. Ji-hwa's rocky and inconsistent performance was questioned; as this was not her first time in the bottom two. In the end, though, Ji-hwa was saved due to the judges knowing she could produce a great photo, unlike Jackie, and Jackie was the third model to leave the competition.

  • First call-out: Alysha Rossouw
  • Bottom two: Jackie O'Connel & Kai Ji-hwa
  • Eliminated: Jackie O'Connel

Episode 4 Edit

The Top 8 models were judged on their shoot; Empowerment - inspired by C15 of ANTM. The girls had to pick one word that was a bully word and one word to fight it as an empowerment word. Here they are as follows:

Model Bully Word Power Word
Alice Arrogant Confident
Alysha Dumb Creative
Esme Weak Misunderstood
Ji-hwa Ugly Unique
Lica Quiet Intriguing
Maryam Spoiled Proud
Samantha Bitch Strong
Samara Self-centered Real

At panel, many models did well. Esme's photo was the most liked amongst the judges; however she was critiqued for copying Alysha's pose from the previous week. In the end, Maryam's photo snatched her second first call-out. Esme, Ji-hwa and Samara landed in the bottom two. At the beginning of the episode, Tyra announces that one or two girls will be leaving. The concern with Esme lied in her lack of creativity. With Ji-hwa, it was her third time in the bottom, raising concerns. And Samara's photo and how she fell that week were criticized. In the end, Esme was announced to be the only safe model and Ji-hwa and Samara were both eliminated.

At the end, Tyra announced the models would be going to Stockholm, Sweden.

  • First call-out: Maryam Lopez-Beck
  • Bottom three: Esme Pruitt, Kai Ji-hwa & Samara Belogalazov
  • Eliminated: Kai Ji-hwa & Samara Belogalazov

Episode 5 Edit


Alice & Maryam
Alysha & Esme
Lica & Samantha
  • First call-out: Alysha Rossouw
  • Bottom two: Alice Marquast & Maryam Lopez-Beck
  • Eliminated: Alice Marquast

Episode 6 Edit

  • Best photo: Samantha Himura
  • Eliminated: Lica Nguyen & Maryam Lopez-Beck

Finale Edit

  • Final 3: Alysha Rossouw, Esme Pruitt & Samantha Himura
  • Sims Next Top Model: Esme Pruitt

Contestants Edit

Contestant Creator Hometown Place
Momoko Katsuki Asp Sims Tokyo, JP 11th
Adrianna Washington Melissa197 Queens, NY 10th
Jackie O'Connel Alex Grimm London, UK 9th
Kai Ji-hwa Alex Grimm Seoul, KR 8th/7th
Samara Belogalazov VictoriaHannah97 Tallinn, EE 8th/7th
Alice Marquast CyberSimsShows Los Angeles, CA 6th
Lica Nguyen Blake Summers Hanoi, VT 5th
Maryam Lopez-Beck 1313Diamond Honolulu, HI 4th
Alysha Rossouw BechelageChannel Luanda, AO Runner-up
Samantha Himura simseriesmaker New York, NY
Esme Pruitt WestCoastSims Houston, TX Winner

Call-out Edit

Tyra's Call-out Order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 FINALE
1 Lica Esme Alysha Maryam Alysha Esme Esme
2 Samantha Maryam Samara Alysha Samantha Lica Alysha
3 Maryam Lica Alice Samantha Lica Samantha Samantha
4 Alysha Ji-hwa Esme Alice Esme Alysha
5 Esme Samara Lica Lica Maryam Maryam
6 Alice Samantha Samantha Esme Alice
7 Adrianna Alysha Maryam Ji-hwa
8 Jackie Jackie Ji-hwa Samara
9 Samara Adrianna Jackie
10 Ji-hwa Alice Adrianna
11 Momoko Momoko
Color Meaning
The contestant was eliminated
The contestant shared their call-out with another contestant
The contestant was a part of a non-elimination bottom two
The contestant won the weekly styling challenge
The contestant withdrew from the competition
The contestant got their photo as an ad nationally for the client
The contestant received best photo during a non-call out panel
  • Episode 0 was the finalist revealing video, the call-out order was random and did not reflect the models' performance.
  • In Episode 1, Ji-hwa and Momoko landed in the bottom two, but Tyra announced that both were saved from elimination.
  • In Episode 2, Esme and Maryam shared first call-out.
  • In Episode 3, Adrianna withdrew from the competition due to getting the flu. Despite Adrianna's choice to leave, an elimination was still held.
  • In Episode 4, Tyra called down Esme, Ji-hwa and Samara as the bottom three. Esme was saved, eliminating both Ji-hwa and Samara.
  • In Episode 6, the contestants went in one by one to know if they were finalists in the Top 3 or if they were eliminated. When Alysha and Maryam came in together, Alysha was announced as the last finalist.

Performance Edit

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 FINALE
Adrianna SAFE LOW WD
Momoko BTM2 ELIM


  • Adrianna: Ombré
  • Alice: Dyed brown; eyebrows fixed
  • Alysha: Cut shorter; later given a weave
  • Esme: Eyebrows and hair dyed almost-platinum
  • Jackie: Edged, modern cut
  • Ji-hwa: Wavy blonde cut
  • Lica: Short, warm brown and wavy
  • Maryam: Dyed brown and straightened
  • Momoko: Cut and dyed brown
  • Samantha: Dyed jet black
  • Samara: Dyed deep red

Photoshoot Guide:

  • Episode 1: Paint beautyshots
  • Episode 2: Dark Couture
  • Episode 3: Levi's Jeans Ads; topless
  • Episode 4: Empowerment
  • Episode 5: Rodeo Drive Fashionistas (in pairs)
  • Episode 6: Nivea Ads
  • Episode 7: Maybelline